Design and History of the Urban Environment

AESOP Co-Chair : Zeynep Enlil, Yildiz Technical University, Turkey
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ACSP Co-Chair : Jason Brody, Kansas State University, USA
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This track solicits contributions that explore the different but intimately related dimensions of urban design and place making as well as their history. The track takes a holistic approach which neither focuses on a limited checklist of urban design qualities nor excludes important and emerging areas/aspects. Exposing the urban design process and its legacies from the past is also an important dimension of our understanding of how urban environments evolve and how the qualities are achieved.

Related to the design and history of urban environments is the changing role of urban heritage. We encourage consideration of the following questions: What are the pros and cons of the changing roles attributed to culture and heritage? Does heritage have to be ‘productive' to afford protection? Who should bear the cost of protection? Does promoting culture and heritage as drivers of development inevitably lead to gentrification? How can we avoid such negative social and cultural implications? How are we to prioritize and protect heritage under global threats of rising sea levels, escalating natural hazards, and those potentially subject to deliberate human menace?

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