Governance, Institutions and Civic Initiatives

AESOP Co-Chair : Lia Vasconcelos, Universidade Nova de Lisboa, Portugal
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ACSP Co-Chair : Sanda Kaufman, Cleveland State University, USA
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Track Description

This track focuses on the planning, design and management of public decision making processes in planning. Planning decisions aim at, and affect the physical and socio-economic space at various scales ranging from the neighbourhood to the national level. Planning processes unfold within the differing contexts of countries' legal structures, procedures, planning systems, laws and regulations regarding property rights and land use control. Effects of such decisions intersect across national boundaries with international and even global consequences.

Potential topics include: innovative discourses and practices, such as new forms of governance involving a broad spectrum of stakeholders; participatory plan development and implementation; innovative ways of mobilizing, involving and empowering stakeholders in decision making processes; issues related to the interaction between planning processes and the legal contexts in which they unfold; and evaluation of participatory planning processes.

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