Transport and Infrastructure Planning

AESOP Co-Chair : Ela Babalik Sutcliffe, Middle East Technical University, Turkey
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ACSP Co-Chair : Kelly Clifton, Portland State University, USA
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Track Description

Planning for the transport needs for resilient urban areas and regions requires a departure from the traditional approaches to infrastructure and service provision. Our efforts to balance urban sustainability and climate goals with the need for high-quality transport infrastructure and services that are accessible, affordable and safe pose many challenges. The gaps in our knowledge span our respective countries, regions and cities.

To better inform the move toward innovative approaches, this track invites contributions from a broad range of research topics, including the following areas: transport planning and policy; travel behaviour; technology and communications; safety and security; transport, energy and environment; transport and land use; finance and economics; pedestrian and bicycle planning; transit; the transport solutions for disadvantaged; transport equity; management and operations of infrastructure and services; forecasting and modelling; climate change mitigation and adaptation of transport and infrastructure systems.

Many of these challenges cut across multiple conference topics. As such, we welcome proposals that intersect these important dimensions. Works that have a comparative framework are particularly encouraged.

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