Housing, Regeneration and Community Development in Time of Crisis

AESOP Co-Chair : Natasa Pichler-Milanovic, University of Ljubljana, Slovenia
E-mail : natasa.milanovic@guest.arnes.si

ACSP Co-Chair : Katrin Anacker, George Mason University, USA
E-mail : kanacker@gmu.edu


Track Description

This track welcomes submissions addressing aspects of housing and community development with a focus on resilient policies and planning practices to sustain urban viability and improve the quality of life for local residents against the global economic and socio-political crisis and climate change. These are all challenges for provision of high quality affordable housing for purchase and rent and neighbourhood regeneration based on new-built or adaptive re-use/renovation. The track focuses on the issues of housing and urban (re)development policies designed to correct market failures in the provision of affordable housing and the ability to adapt and change under different demand and supply of specific housing types and locations. These issues also related to new planning requirements for energy efficiency and low carbon economy.

Contributions could also examine issues of neighborhood change focusing on upgrading and downgrading of particular inner-city and suburban areas as a consequence of specific housing provision in the past as well as new community participation and bottom-up regeneration initiatives at the time of limited availability of public and private resources. New community-led schemes are drawing together environmental, social, economic and political actions that are spatially applied in a built environment context in particular urban areas. The contemporary challenges require innovative and sustainable solutions in the creation of more resilient and adaptive urban areas, which balance economic competitiveness, social cohesion and environmental protection. These solutions come partly from spatial planning, building on the roles of urban design, community engagement and technological innovations to ensure that urban development is managed in a sustainable manner. Interdisciplinary approaches tackling the transformations of housing and neighbourhood regeneration policies and associated practices would be particularly valued.

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