Environment, Energy and Climate Change

AESOP Co-Chair : Stefan Greiving, Technical University Dortmund, Germany
E-mail : stefan.greiving@tu-dortmund.de

ACSP Co-Chair : Caitlin Dyckman, Clemson University, USA
E-mail : cdyckma@clemson.edu


Track Description

As more of the global population moves into megacities and mega regions, while continuing to rely upon the renewable and non-renewable resources from their rural surroundings, the relationship between the environment, energy, and climate change becomes paramount to urban existence. Cities contribute 70 percent of global greenhouse-gas emissions, but are also particularly vulnerable to changing climatic conditions and extreme weather events. In parallel, arable land as well as natural areas, are increasingly used for the production of biofuels and resource extraction, which may endanger both the global food supply and ecosystem biodiversity.

This track addresses the closely interconnected topic areas of environment, energy, and climate change, particularly as they relate to urban and regional resilience. Strengthening resilience is a way to cope with the uncertainty of future conditions, because future changes can rarely be accurately predicted, and because the vulnerability of community systems affects their ability to sustainably adapt to changing conditions. The track theme welcomes contributions that reflect the challenges of uncertainty and explore pathways for dealing with today's and future threats that cannot be assessed precisely.

Generally, we would like to see papers that engage substantive issues, new methodologies, and social processes of importance for environmentally resilient planning and resource management. Interdisciplinary integration of knowledge, ethics, and structural and social conditions that affect the environment, energy, and climate change, are especially encouraged.

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