Planning for Risks - Health, Safety and Security

AESOP Co-Chair :Tim Townshend, University of Newcastle, UK

ACSP Co-Chair : Jason Corburn, University of California, Berkeley, USA

ACSP Co-Chair : Andre Sorensen, University of Toronto


Track Description

In a rapidly urbanising world, the fast-extending spaces, circulations and infrastructures of cities act as ‘lightning conductors’ to questions of human health, ecological, social and existential security.

Do people have access to healthy food, good quality air and water? Where (or if) they are able to obtain work, housing and health care? Are they exposed to danger (or safety) in their everyday encounters on the street? Who is available for emotional and financial support? How is the political power distributed? How are the public resources allocated? Are there immediate harms from and vulnerability to natural disasters?

Urban management along with town and metropolitan planning, policy and design decisions all exert influence on the quality of life and places. They determine the level of threats to the public and, protect against disease, violence and premature death. As access to water, food and energy services become more stressed in many places (cities and regions), there is a need to critically address how dominant discourses of risk, fear and urban security work to effectively protect certain people and interests from projected threats. These discourses sometimes generate regressive impacts (e.g., privatisation of public space, gated communities, mollification, and marginalisation of the poor) and neglect to address the potential harms, threats and hazards.

We seek contributions that engage with the multiple determinants of human health risks and hazards in places – from neighbourhoods to metropolitan regions - and the planning, policy and design interventions that aim to improve human health and safety and reduce the inequities within cities and between urbanizing areas around the world.

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