Urban and Regional Economic Planning under Prosperity and Austerity

AESOP Co-Chair : Micheal Getzner, TU Vienna, Austria
E-mail : michael.getzner@tuwien.ac.at

ACSP Co-Chair : Elizabeth Currid-Halkett, University of Southern California, USA
E-mail : currid@price.usc.edu


Track Description

Our understanding of economic growth and development, both within the public and private sector, has been dramatically reshaped in the aftermath of the recent recession. The ongoing massive unemployment, financial crises and social unrest in Europe and the US and the global slowdowns in productivity continue to challenge many of our extant theories of development, growth and prosperity. Cities are the nexuses where many of these economic and social dynamics are taking place. Thus, submissions to this track may consider the following research and policy questions:

• Which industries have especially risen and fallen during prosperity and austerity in urban regions? Which are driving the urban prosperity under the current austerity? Are structurally different regions emerging?
• How do we understand economic development in the current economic climate? Can we continue to use the same methodological tools, industrial sectors, and economic clusters to explain it? Is urban and/or economic planning in a globalized world possible?
• How is the crisis affecting the communal/regional public budgets, and how is fiscal sustainability and debt management evolving? Has the crisis changed infrastructure planning and financing? Which urban policies can be developed to improve the attractiveness for company headquarters?
• How dependent are cities on the “outside” regions in terms of resources, people, land? How does urban/regional economic policy relate to international/national frameworks (WTO, World Bank; US, EU)?

Submissions can both have a theoretical or empirical focus; work concentrating on evidence-based research are preferred, although, normative conclusions or policy recommendations are also valuable.

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