International Planning, Cross-border and Inter-regional Cooperation

AESOP Co-Chair : Andreas Faludi,TU Delft, The Netherlands
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ACSP Co-Chair : Neema Kudva, Cornell University, USA


Track Description

This track will focus on planning in an increasingly globalized, interconnected world where local contexts nonetheless remain critical in framing problems and shaping processes and outcomes. While policy tends to focus on specific issues (economic development, housing, transportation, energy infrastructure) the challenges we face including adaptation to climate change and growth with equity demand integrated responses that take into account territorial and spatial questions.

In Europe, the many challenges include those that EU member countries face as they continue to co-operate around an integrated set of economic, social, territorial and environmental issues amidst mounting political and economic pressure due to the current Euro crisis and the global recession. Facing population growth, an aging infrastructure and economic restructuring, the USA has to plan for sprawling urban regions that cross state lines, as well as territorial relationships with the Canadian and Mexican neighbours. Across the global South, rapid urbanization and inequitable growth in the face of environmental degradation and climate change are crucial challenges, even as a resurgent Asia seeks to establish a global presence, particularly in Africa, through development aid and knowledge creation networks. There are also long-standing planning experiments, particularly in the Latin American context where planners have sought to create socially inclusive just cities and regions.

We are interested in how citizens, planners, state and non-state actors and organizations tackle these and other urban, rural and regional development issues. We encourage submissions that bring a comparative, transnational, cross-border focus to the fore, in the process supporting flows of critical knowledge on planning theory and action across borders.

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