Dublin will play host to the fifth Joint Congress of AESOP and ACSP in 2013 based on the theme of “Planning for Resilient Cities and Regions.” As such, the Workshop will reflect and compliment the theme of the Congress but will also seek to provide a more intensive mentoring of researchers. Related to the main conference theme of ‘resilience’, the theme of the Workshop is “Planning in the Face of Crisis”. We invite submissions that address the role of and implications for planning in the face of a series of interlocking crises and challenges related to, inter alia, the global economic crisis, climate change and the ecological crisis, managing transitions to a low carbon future, and energy and food security. The challenge for planning is increasingly to deliver a sustainable quality of life and resilient places within the context of diminishing resources, both financial and ecological. Within this context, papers may address: environmental planning challenges and climate change; austerity politics and urban governance; the spatial dimensions of the economic crisis; the green economy and low carbon futures; risk, resilience and environmental justice; sustainable places and quality of life; and planning theory and crisis.

It will be the purposes and impacts of planning research that the PhD workshop will concentrate on. An important focus is to be dedicated on the rationale of conducting a research in planning, as well as its aims, objectives, and expected outcomes and impacts; nevertheless, other research design issues, namely development of theoretical frameworks, methodology design, and means and methods of dissemination of research findings are also to be covered during the PhD Workshop.

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